All You Need to Know About the ResMed Airfit F20 Series

All You Need to Know About the ResMed Airfit F20 Series

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If you have sleep apnea, knowing that the right CPAP mask that can help you have a comfortable night rest is very important. No one can seriously anticipate that there would be a day when they’d want the assistance of a device to get a good night’s sleep. However, if you have sleep apnea, you should be aware that the right CPAP mask can not only improve the quality of your sleep but can also help to mitigate several health problems associated with your sleep apnea. Once you have the right CPAP mask that is customized to fit your face properly, you might be able to put an end to those restless evenings spent snoring loudly and losing sleep once you have the CPAP mask.

And you should also know that CPAP mask varies and are of different types. If you have checked in with your physician about your sleep apnea issue, probably you would have been told about cpap masks, or maybe you have even gotten a recommendation of the type to get. In this article we are reviewing the ResMed Airfit F20 masks. So that you can get to know its features while you ponder on what type of mask to buy. 

The Airfit F20 is a full-face mask designed by ResMed.

You are more likely to get relief from your sleep apnea symptoms sooner rather than later if you use the ResMed Airfit F20 CPAP mask since it has several advantages that edge it over other types of CPAP masks. Sleep apnea patients like you would benefit greatly from this full-face CPAP mask, which has several characteristics that make it an excellent choice.

All You Need to Know About the ResMed Airfit F20 Series
  • The full-face mask creates a hermetic seal around the wearer’s lips and nose. It also has straps that you can move around the head to make it fit more comfortably.
  • Getting a glass of water in the middle of the night is not difficult. While the machine is still working, you should just detach the mask from your face and set it aside. After some practise, this is the kind of activity that you can even carry out in the pitch black.
  • The ResMed Airfit F20 makes breathing in the manner that is most convenient for you, regardless of how you choose to do it. Because the mask covers your entire face, breathing through your mouth and nose is much easier. During sleep, some people find it easier to breathe through their nose, while others discover that breathing through their lips is more comfortable for them.

Even if you have a cold, allergies, or a deviated septum, you can breathe easily with a full-face mask since it has such a large surface area. This allows the pressure to be transmitted equally to the area around the nose and mouth. All the pressure from the other standard-sized masks is put on the nose’s bridge, making them less comfortable overall.

People who sleep on their backs are the best candidates for using this mask. It will help them maintain the required air pressure need for normal gaseous exchange without stress. Although, as it has been established, our sleep position can affect our breathing flow, for those who have breathing issues. 

ResMed’s Airfit F20 is Designed for Her

The ResMed Airfit F20 is available in a design that is tailored to the anatomical characteristics of a woman’s face. The Airfit F20 for Her is a more tailored sleep treatment device designed to completely fit and support women while sleeping. This mask has lavender highlights and smaller features that are readily changeable to female face shapes for a softer, more customised fit. The features are also easily adjustable to male face shapes. The silicone InfinitySeal Cushion offers gentle support and comfort in addition to adjusting to your movements during the night to ensure that the mask does not go off.

Night after night, the integration is flawless.

It is assured that the ResMed Airfit F20 will provide a more comfortable fit than other brands of CPAP machines. According to findings from trials conducted throughout the globe, the ResMed Airfit F20 was able to provide a satisfactory fit for 96.5% of all patients. This is the type you should look into purchasing if you are searching for a more snug fit mask that will assist you in achieving appropriate airflow around the nose and mouth.

You will have to get used to going to bed each night with a mask attached to your face. This is going to take some getting used to. Despite this, wearing a mask while you sleep has been shown to positively affect your health and the health of others around you who are exposed to your loud snoring. Check out our mask fit guide to get started if you’re unsure where to begin when finding the correct mask fit for you. Although finding the proper mask fit for you is frequently a question of trial and error, tools are available to guarantee you discover the perfect fit. Your sleep specialist will assist you in adjusting your mask. Don’t forget to use our convenient Ask a CPAP Clinician option to have all your sleep apnea queries addressed as promptly as possible.

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