Hi, my name is Angelina Edward, I am a doctor by profession, I have three loving kids, becoming a doctor was my passion and blogging is my hobby, I mostly write about health, food, parenting, and lifestyle.

On this blog, I will share some of my best cooking recipes along with it I am going to give you some health tips, with the rapid spread of COVID, I feel my responsibility to give you some information about the newly introduced COVID testing rapid tests, which are now easily available in the market and with the help of which you can perform the test at home and save yourself and others from this virus, hope you will enjoy reading the content of my sites.

If you have some questions, you are always welcome to contact me via my contact form page, I will try to answer all your questions, but due to my busy life I read questions on weekends and try to answer them, due to a large number of questions, I may not be able to answer all questions.